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Calculator Tips and FAQ's

The following is a list of Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) to help you use the REC Calculators.  If you have a problem, email us by clicking on the button below.   We will try to get you help as soon as possible.

Q-1.  I get "NaN" in the result boxes when I compute.  What is wrong?

A-2.  Each of the calculator's input boxes requires a number.   We did this to make sure that you considered each type of item.  If you leave an input box blank or goof and put in an alpha character, our program gets upset.  It lets you know by returning "NaN" which stands for "Not a number."   Look for your input error and try again.

Q-2.  I don't know the weight of the truck's bare chassis.  How do I get this?

A-3.  You need to find some truck scales.  Gravel pits, truck weigh stations or truck distribution facilities are possibilities.  Usually they will weigh your vehicle for a nominal fee.  For the local fire department, they will probably do it for free. Before you go, strip anything off the vehicle that won't be on your finished product.  Make sure you get both the total chassis weight and the weight on one of the axles. Then remember to return to the scales with the fully loaded, completed vehicle to check the weight before it is put in service.

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