Wildfire Equipment Research & Development

Roscommon Equipment Center

Roscommon Mini Equipment Workshop

Sponsored by the National Association of State Foresters


Roscommon Equipment Center Project Committee

Held Annually the First Part of October

‘HANDS ON” describes the Roscommon Mini Equipment Workshop.  Participants use the equipment, interact one-on-one, and see facilities where design and production of wildfire equipment takes place.  The Workshop begins in Roscommon, Michigan, at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Forest Fire Experiment Station.  Established in 1929, the Experiment Station is headquarters to the National Association of State Foresters’ Roscommon Equipment Center (REC) program.  The Workshop finishes at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Program Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, giving the tour an international flavor.  Great small group interaction, lasting personal contacts, and positive experience summarize the comments of the past participants.


To affect technology transfer by exchanging information and ideas about present and future wildfire related equipment projects.

To acquaint state fire supervisors, their equivalents from other agencies, and equipment program leaders with the National Association of State Foresters’ Roscommon Equipment Center Program.

Who Should Apply

The workshop seeks a mix of equipment-related talents as well as broad geographical representation.  Candidates should be sponsored by their forest or provincial organization.  Federal candidates should be sponsored by management at their regional or forest level.

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2011 Workshop

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Hands On

Previous Attendees 2016: October 3rd - 7th